What are articles?

Articles are where you will you write most of your businesses communications, everything from, policies, procedures, how to guides, new starter guides, exit guides, products, instructions, help articles, tips FAQ’s etc the list can go on and on. As mentioned above, you can categorise your articles into the categories you have created. See this article if you haven't created any yet.

How do I add a new article?

Whenever you want to add a new article to your database

  1. Click on ‘Articles’ in the left side bar
  2. Click ‘Add New’ in the sub-category
  3. Enter title of the article item in the top bar
  4. Enter your article item content into the large box
  5. You can format your text and add links to your text with the tools in the bar at the top of the text box
  6. Add media such as images and videos using the ‘Add Media’ button above the box.

How do I add links to my article?

  1. You'll see a tab labeled links where you can add internal or external links 
  2. For links select ‘Add Link’ in the tab 
  3. Select ‘Internal Link’ to link to another article 
  4. Title - enter title of the link 
  5. Internal link - select article from the drop down menu which you would like it to link to. These are good for policies if you need to reference another policy in your article. E.g. you may need to reference sickness policy in your flexi-time policy. 
  6. Select ‘External Link’ to link to something external
  7. Title - enter title of the link 
  8. External link - Enter valid URL starting with https:// e.g. https://oplift.io

How do I add attachments to my article?

  1. For attachments select the ‘Attachments’  tab
  2. Title - enter the title of the attachment
  3. Click ‘Add File’ button upload from your previous media library or upload a new media.

How do I add a how to article?

These are articles which are separated by steps, if you fill these in you must leave the ‘Article’ tab blank

  1. Select the 'How To' tab
  2. Write the article title e.g. How to unload morning deliveries
  3. Select ‘How To’ in the tab
  4. Click ‘Add New’ to add new step
  5. Title - add title of the step e.g. Check everything has been accounted for
  6. Content - add the content of the step e.g. Tick off every item on the delivery sheet to ensure you don’t miss anything

Additional configuration options for all types of articles

  1. Customise Article Preview - 150 characters to summarise your post when shown in lists. If you do not fill this in it will use the first 150 characters from your news post.
  2. Article category - Select from the drop down menu on the right hand side. This is the category which your article will come under from the categories you have created.
  3. Permissions - Decide who can see your posts by location types, these will list the location types you have created. E.g. warehouse, office, home, store. Tick the box of those you want the post to be visible to. By default articles can be seen by everyone.
  4. Learn content - Please see this article for more information
  5. Author - Select the menu and choose which author you want to show up on the news post.
  6. Expiry - You can archive your post at a certain time. You might want to do this if your post is time sensitive e.g. Christmas temp staff wanted and asking staff members to ask any friends or family, you may want to archive this post at the beginning of December to prevent any employees still sending candidate information when you have already filled all of the positions. - click the bar to say yes then choose a date from the calendar for when you want it archived.

What are acknowledgements?

You can specify if you would like to be notified when employees have read an article

  1. Acknowledgement - If you want to be notified when staff have read your article tick the ‘Requires Acknowledgement’ box in the box on the right labelled ‘Acknowledgement.’
  2. Frequency of acknowledgments - This is for how often your article needs to be re-acknowledged e.g. you may want a health and safety to be read once a year whereas a code of conduct policy you may want to be read once a month.
  3. Once you have decided select your chosen frequency from the drop down box.

How do I publish and share an article?

  1. Click the publish button on the right side once you’re ready to share!
  2. You can save a draft if you would like to come back to it, click the button on the right side of the screen
  3. You can choose a date that you want to publish, in the right box that says ‘publish’ select ‘edit’ where it says ‘publish immediately’ choose your date. This is good a feature if you want to write articles in advance and set the publish date in the future 👍
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