What are article categories?

These are how you will categorise all of your articles, you can have as many as you like. They are broad terms which are what each article will belong to. For example an article category may be 'Health and Safety' and you can add all articles to this category if they concern health and safety, making them easy to find.

You can also group articles within categories. For example you may want 'Safety' to be its own category within the 'Health and Safety' category. To do this you simply create another article category but make sure that 'Health and Safety' is selected as its parent category. These are called multi-level categories e.g. Health and safety - Safety - Fire Marshall list

How do I create article categories?

  1. Click ‘articles’ in the left side bar

  2. In the subcategories select ‘Article categories’

  3. These can be multi-level categories e.g. How To - Recruitment - Interview best practice  

  4. First you must add name of the overall parent categories, these will be the titles which you have on the dashboard - e.g How To  

  5. Select parent category - none 

  6. Select ‘Add New Article Category’ button

  7. Now you can begin adding all the subcategories which come under this parent category

  8. Add new - e.g. Recruitment 

  9. Select parent category - How To 

  10. Description - Any additional notes for the region which will only be used internally

  11. Once you have finished, press the ‘Add New Article Category’ button

How can I make my article category a tile on the dashboard?

You can follow the instructions in this article about how to create a tile on the dashboard but first you need to set a background colour and logo for the article category tile. 

  1. Click ‘articles’ in the left side bar

  2. In the subcategories select ‘Article categories’

  3. You'll see a list of all your categories displayed in the table. Select the article category that you would like to appear on the dashboard

  4. Under the 'Article Categories' section you need to upload an icon that will be displayed on the dash tile. 

  5. Select a background colour which will be the colour of the dash tile

  6. Set an accent colour which is the colour of the title of the tile

  7. Select 'Update' then you'll need to follow the instructions in this article to make the tile appear on the dashboard

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