You’ll find all the learning reporting in one main area called ‘Manage’ on the web. This is only available to admin users.

Lesson Performance

  • Select 'Performance' under the 'Learning' heading to view this report.

  • The report shows a list of lessons, for example 'How to reload a receipt printer', the author of the lesson, the category the lesson is assigned to, the date it was last updated by the author, the number of users who have completed the lesson, and the average performance for each question within a lesson.

  • Performance for a question is the average number of attempts users took to answer the question correctly. So if the percentage was 100%, then this indicates that all users only took one attempt to answer the question.

  • If needed you can download the report as a CSV file.

Course Analytics

  • To view course analytics, on the manage page under the 'Course Management' section select either 'Published' or under the 'Course Lists' heading. You can also view analytics for archived courses.

  • Select the course you would like to view analytics for.

  • In the top right of the screen you'll see an 'Analytics' button. Select it and you can view the report.

  • This report shows a list of users by display name who are currently completing or have completed the course, along with their location, the date they started the playlist, the duration the course has been open, and the percentage that they have completed.

  • If needed you can export the report to CSV to carry out further analysis.

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