On the web you can use the ‘Activity’ tab to keep track of the progress of reviews and tasks across your organisation, to ensure they are completed on time.

There are two different views: 'Reviews in Progress’ and ‘All Tasks’. Read this guide Follow up on tasks, to find out more about how to follow up on task activity.

For 'Reviews in Progress' you’ll see a list of all the reviews in progress for the last 28 days by default.

  • Review Type - Reviews can be about either a specific person or a location. If you choose location two further options will appear, filter by region or enter a specific location in the ‘Location’ box. If you want to see reviews about a person then a text box will appear, after selecting the options, to enter the person's name.

  • You can also choose a specific review such as a store checklist. You’ll be able to filter further by region or location.

  • Date Range - select an option or enter a custom date range.

  • Created By - search for reviews created by a specific person. Start typing their name in the box or search for their name in the dropdown list.

  • You can select a review from the list to see the detailed view if you want to.

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