Why might I want to add a photo to an insight?

When answering an insight you may want to add a photo to show that something has not been completed or to show proof that the insight has been carried out.

For example when carrying out a store visit, an insight might require you to score the cleanliness for the store. You may wish to add pictures to show areas of the store that are dirty and need attention. Alternatively you might want to show proof that the latest POS has been displayed in a store.

How do I upload a photo to an insight?

  1. Tap on an insight

  2. In the insight notes section you’ll see a camera icon. Tap this icon.

  3. On the web this will open up your files app and you can locate the photo.

  4. On mobile/tablet this will open up your camera and you can take a photo.

  5. You won’t be able to choose from your camera roll as this ensures that the photo is taken in the moment and a previous photo can’t be used.

  6. Once you’ve taken the photo, you’ll be able to see a thumbnail preview of it.

  7. You can add more photos by tapping on the camera icon again.

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