Latest version: 2021.10

Release date: Nov 1, 2021

What's new

  • User reviews now available for completing observations.

    • On Android we now support Location and User type reviews.

  • Unit insights is now available.

    • On Android we now support insights of types Yes/No, Vibe, Dropdown, Numeric, Unit, Text.

    • For more information on insights view our summary of insights.

  • Previous Report section allows your previous report to be referenced when completing a new one.

  • Quickly share a submitted report via email.

    • You can now easily share a link to a completed report via email. The recipient need to have permission to view the report to be able to access the link.

Bug fixes

  • Images added to an insight weren't showing properly as thumbnails and tapping on an image to view it in full screen didn't work.

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