Dash tiles can be one of four types;

  • News - links to your news category.

  • Article Category - is linked to a specific article category.

  • Article - a direct link to an article in Oplift.

  • Web Link - which link to external content.

Depending on the type of Dash tile, you need to update it in one of two places. See below for the type of tile you're trying to update.

Please note: in some cases it can take up to 5 minutes for your changes to be visible on the employee-side of Oplift due to caching.

News, Web Link or Article

These are updated directly on the dash configuration screen:

  1. Make sure you're in the Admin

  2. Click Options in the left side bar

  3. In the subcategories select Dash

  4. Find the tile you'd like to update then change the part you want to update.

Article Category Tiles

The icon, title and colour of these tiles is set on the article category itself.

  1. Make sure you're in the Admin

  2. Click Articles in the sidebar

  3. Find and click Article Categories

  4. From the list, find the category you'd like to update

  5. Click the category and you can update the title, colour and icon for the category

  6. If you want to update the icon, you'll need to hover over it delete it with the (X) and upload a new icon.

Please note - only top level categories (i.e. those without a Parent set in the admin) can be used as Dash tiles.

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