Article categories are exceptionally easy to create, and once they're made, you can house them on the dash as a colourful tile. Follow this quick and easy guide to get you started so you can easily categorise all your new articles.

1. Log on to your Oplift account

2.Once logged in, go to your picture in the top right and click on it, select ‘Admin’ from the drop-down menu.

3. Once logged in select ‘Articles’ in the left column, then select ‘Article Categories’

4. Type in the name which you want on your dash tile e.g. Compliance, then to confirm this title press the blue button which says 'Add New Article Category'.

5. This category will now appear in the right column, hover over it and select 'Edit'.

6. Now choose your tile icon and the colours you would like. (It's important to note that there will be no 'Parent Article Category' as categories used on the tiles ARE the parent categories. You select 'Parent Article Category' when you are creating sub-sections within the tiles e.g parent category 'Compliance' which is the title of the tile and then 'Fire Safety, Code of Conduct and policies' are housed within this tile and their 'Parent Article Category' is 'Compliance').

7. Hit the 'Update' button at the bottom of the page and now you have created your category.

Important Note

Before categories appear on the Dashboard of Oplift, you need to add them to the Dash as a Tile. This allows you to build out content before launching it, as well as arranging the content in the best way to suit your employees.

Following that, article categories only appear once they have published articles added to them, to keep the interface clear for your users.


There you have it, your first tile created in just a few minutes. Create as many as you like and watch your dashboard become a customised hub of knowledge for you and your staff.

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