As your team starts using Review, filling in and submitting reports, you will probably want to see an overview of all the activity. On the web, if your role has the Review / Manage permission, then you will see a tab called Review in the top navigation bar.

When you click on the Review tab, you will be presented with an overview view of all completed Review reports in the last month.

From the list of results you can click through to see a specific report you are interested in.


You can do further filtering to limit the results to a more specific list On the left, in the blue box you can choose if you want to see Completed or In Progress reports, and you can also filter on subject type. That way you can easily find all reports completed for Locations for instance. You can also do further filtering within the subject type to perform an even more specific search.

At the top of the page you have 3 further filtering options ..

.. where you can

  • change the date range to filter on

  • select a specific report

  • select a specific person whose reports you are interested in

All the filters work together so you can filter on multiple things simultaneously.

Download CSV

If you have selected a specific report to filter on, you will notice two buttons that are enabled in the top right; Download CSV, and Insights

Clicking on Download CSV will do exactly that. It will download the list of results to your computer. For each report in the result it will list

  • when the report was completed

  • who did the report

  • the subject

  • all insights and the recorded values


The insight reporting will show you an overview of all insights captured for the specific report in the specified date range.

It will tell you the overall score, the total number of reports and how long the reports on average took to fill in.

The report will also show you the top 3 and bottom 3 insights. You can click on a specific insight to see the individual scores for each report where this insight was captured, and from there you can click to open the specific report if you want to.

Each section can be expanded to show all insights they contain by clicking on Show me more. Once a section is expanded you can click in to the individual insights just like in the Top/Bottom parts of the report.

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