Here are the most recent changes we’ve made to the Android app

  • To make the learning experience smoother and more seamless for your users we have added in a few animations to the learning playlists. They will appear every time someone answers a question. 
  • 🔔 To keep your users up to date and on top of their alerts we’ve added a badge to the alerts tab. This means they effortlessly see how many unread notifications they have (this already exists on iOS and web). 
  • You can now see an icon when an article has an attachment or a link on it. 🔗

A loading indicator for the iOS version

  • ⏰ If a search takes a little longer than expected due to poor connectivity, you’ll now see a loading indicator. 

A few small tweaks for the Review app to improve user experience 

  • The ‘old password’ and ‘new password’ text boxes were a different size on the iPad. They are now the same size. 👍
  • Previously, adding in decimal numbers could cause strange behaviours; this has now been fixed.
  • The search bar now stays firmly fixed when you move to the completed screen. 💪
  • The possibility of earmarking a tile has been removed.
  • The text shown for ‘missing previous report’ has been changed to not only relate to location reports.
  • You can now clearly see the ‘Done’ button above the keyboard on iOS 13 . 👀
  • The Show/Hide of completed actions have been removed from the actions screen.
  • The word 'Submit' was missing from the button (only the icon was showing), we've now added the word back in. 

Download outstanding acknowledgements with ease on Server/admin

  • Downloading a CSV of outstanding acknowledgements caused 'page not found' if no overdue time had been selected. This is now handled better. 

Bullets and a close button for Oplift on the Web

  • Bullet points in the ‘How to’ articles didn't work. Now they do to enable easier reading for users. 👍
  • When viewing images added to a Review report, there was no obvious way to close the image viewer. We have now added in a 'Close' button. ❌

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