The February release of Oplift will contain improvements and bug fixes, with the most noticeable ones listed below.

The February release is planned to go live w/c February 17

We don't anticipate any big changes in content between now and go-live, but we will post final release notes when we go live. 


  • We've added in a couple of animations to when users answer questions in playlists to make transitions smoother and the whole experience to be better. 
  • The alerts tab now has a badge showing the user how many unread alerts they have (this already exists on iOS and web).
  • Attachment and links attached to an article were missing an icon which we have now added in. 


  • A loading indicator has been added to search so that the user know that something is happening


  • We've made the change password boxes on iPad the same size
  • Adding in decimal numbers could cause strange behaviours; this has now been fixed
  • On the completed screen the search bar moved when it was clicked on. 
  • The possibility to earmark a tile has been removed
  • The text shown for missing previous report has been changed to not only relate to location reports
  • It was hard to see the Done button above the keyboard on iOS 13
  • The Show/Hide of completed actions have been removed from the actions screen
  • The word 'Submit' was missing from the button (only icon was showing), we've added the word back in


  • Downloading a csv of outstanding acknowledgements caused 'page not found' if no overdue time had been selected


  • Bullet points in How to articles didn't work. Now they do 
  • When viewing images added to a Review report, there was no obvious way to close the image viewer. We have now added in a 'Close' button.

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