Once your version of CAPSULE has been set up, you will be provided with a CAPSULE Admin account in order to create user accounts for your students. In order to import these students you will need a csv template with your institutions 'location ID', which can be provided by Ocasta. After you have received this you can fill out the csv columns as follows:

  1. User login - This is the username that the students will use to login to the app. Most institutions use their Student ID for this.
  2. User email - This is where students will recieve their welcome emails and any password reset emails. They must be unique.
  3. User pass - This is the accounts passoword, leave blank in order to allow them to set their own, which is highly recommended.
  4. First name - The student's first nameĀ 
  5. Last name - The student's last nameĀ 
  6. Display name - Leave blank and it will First name + Last name
  7. Role - Use 'subscriber' to enroll them as a standard student account
  8. Location id - Unique to your institution and provided by Ocasta
  9. Year of study - The year the student is in.

Any questions contact [email protected]

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