What are comments and reactions? 

Comments and reactions is a new feature allowing your users to interact a lot more with the content in Oplift. It is currently available on the web but is coming soon on iOS and Android too. 

You can react to an article choosing between 3 emojis.  

  • You can only react once to each article, but you can change the reaction chosen by clicking on the button again. 

  • If you have more you would like to say or would like to ask a question, you can leave a comment on an article or news post. 

  • Currently you can reply to a comment, but you can’t reply to a reply

How do I set the default for comments and reactions to on or off for a news post or article? 

The default settings for comments and reactions are
Articles; Comments: off. Reactions: on
News; Comments: on. Reactions: on
If you want this changed, please contact a member of the Oplift support team [email protected]
The default setting can be overridden on individual articles and news posts in the admin. This is how you change the setting on an individual article:

  1. Login to the admin.

  2. Select an article or news post.

  3. In the right hand side of the screen you will see a box labeled 'comments and reactions'. 

  4. You can switch the toggles to on or off for comments and reactions. 

  5. Don't forget to 'update' the article so your changes are saved

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