What are Achievements?

Achievements are awards and encouragements that can be handed out by a member of staff to another member of staff in the same location. Achievements can be in the form of trophies or stickers.

How do I view my Achievements?

You can view your achievements in the 'You' section.

How do I create an achievement?

Achievements can be created on the web only by anyone who has the 'manage achievement' permission. This is usually head office and managers. For example a manager may want to create an achievement to hand out to an employee when they have reached a certain milestone such as a sales target.

  1. To create an achievement go to the 'You' section and select 'View more' under the achievements section 
  2. Select 'Create achievement' and you'll be directed to the achievements creator dashboard  
  3. Now it's the fun part! 😃
  4. Select achievement type, either trophy or sticker
  5. Select achievement shape 
  6. Select colour theme 
  7. Select an icon Roles for handout - select which roles you would like to be able to handout the achievement 
  8. Roles for receiving - select which roles should be able to receive the achievement 
  9. Enter a title for the achievement
  10. Enter a description for the achievement
  11. When you are finished tap 'save'. You can either choose to publish the achievement straight away or you can save it as a draft. 
  12. You can view all published, draft and archived achievements under 'all achievements'

How can I handout an achievement?

You can handout achievements across all platforms.

On the Web

  1. On the 'You' page in the achievements section, select 'handout'
  2. Begin to type in the name of the individual you would like to award an achievement to. You can search for them by their display name or username.
  3. A carousel of the achievements that can be awarded will be displayed. Select the achievement you would like
  4. Add an additional message to explain in more detail why you have awarded them the achievement
  5. When you have finished tap 'send' 👍

Web handout view 

Handout on iOS and Android apps 

  1. Select the 'You' tab and scroll to the achievements section. Select 'handout'.
  2. Select the individual you would like to handout the achievement to
  3. Next select the achievement. A set of achievement options will be displayed that are available to handout to the selected individual. 
  4. Add an additional message to explain in more detail why you have awarded them the achievement.
  5. When you have finished tap 'done' 👍

iOS handout view

How do I handout an achievement to multiple people?

If you have the 'bulk handout' permission you will be able to award an achievement to multiple people, such as a specific team. This is only available on the web and can be handed out to anyone in any location and any role.

  1. In the achievements section select 'handout'
  2. If you have permission you will see the 'send to multiple' tick box
  3. Enter the usernames of the people you would like to send the achievement to in the box, making sure to use a new line for each person. (N.B you can't use the display name for bulk handouts. An error message will show if the name can't be found)
  4. Choose achievement from the carousell
  5. Write a message to the group
  6. Select who the achievement is from. It might be from yourself or you might be sending it on behalf of someone else
  7. When you are finished tap 'send' 👍

Can I change location to handout an achievement in a different location? 

You can change your location if you have the 'user can roam' permission. Please see this article  for more information.

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