What are news categories?

These are how you will categorise your news items. News articles will be broken down into these categories in the news section making them easy to find for users. They are also used to help users see which type of post has been published in the news, everytime you post a news item it will show up on the dashboard with an icon next to it which signifies which category it is from. Examples include a press release category where all of your press releases go, a team category wehere all of your news about staff members will go etc.

How do I create news categories?

  1. Click on 'News' in the left side bar 
  2. Click 'News Categories' in the sub-category
  3. Here you can create a new news category and manage any existing news categories. To create a new category, enter the name of the news category, this is how it will appear on your site
  4. Slug - The “slug” is the URL-friendly version of the name. It is usually all lowercase and contains only letters, numbers, and hyphens
  5. Write a description of your news category for other admins to see this will not be displayed publicly. E.g. Team - Category should be used for employee updates, achievements, new arrivals or departures
  6. Icon - add a 100px x 100px image that will be used as an icon to represent the category. This will show up on the dash when you post a news item, they can be seen on the left of the image above. These should be a darker icon so they show up clearly on the light background of the dash
  7. When you are finished select 'Add New News Category'
  8. Your new news category should appear in the right hand table

How can I add a news post?

A news post can be used whenever you want to add a new piece of news to send out across your business.

  1. Click on ‘News’ in the left side bar
  2. Click ‘Add New’ in the sub-category 
  3. Enter title of the news post in the top bar 
  4. Enter your news post into the large box
  5. You can format your text and add links to your text with the tools in the bar at the top of the text box
  6. Add media using the ‘Add Media’ button above the box
  7. Customise News Preview - 150 characters to summarise your post when it is shown in lists. If you do not fill this in it will use the first 150 characters from your news post.
  8. News Taxonomy - Select the drop down menu, this is the category which your news post will come under from the categories you created previously
  9. Permissions - Decide who can see your posts by location types, these will list the location types you created previously. E.g. warehouse, office, home, store. Tick the box of those you want the post to be visible to. By default new posts can be seen by everyone
  10. Author - Select the menu and choose which author you want to show up on the news post. 
  11. Expiry - You can archive your post at certain time. You might want to do this if your post is time sensitive e.g. Christmas temp staff wanted and asking staff members to ask any friends or family, you may want to archive this post at the beginning of December to prevent any employees still sending candidate information when you have already filled all of the positions. - click the bar to say yes then choose a date from the calendar for when you want it archived
  12. News summary - If you would like it automatically featured in the news summary click the bar to say yes (See the next section for more information)
  13. Click news summary in the left side bar to view all of your news posts
  14. Click the publish button on the right side once you’re ready to share!
  15. You can save a draft if you would like to come back to it, click the button on the right side of the screen
  16. You can choose a date that you want to publish the post, in the right box that says ‘publish’ select ‘edit’ where it says ‘publish immediately’ choose your date. This is good for new posts that you may want to write early but schedule to be published nearer the time such as, the office Christmas party, or schedule posts during times you are going to be away

What are news summaries?

News summaries can be used to summarise all of your important news to make sure no one ever misses a thing. A page of easy to read summaries will mean that no news will ever go unnoticed.

The feature is incredibly easy to use, simply tick a box when you write the news article as to whether you want it included in the roundup.

You decide how often these should be automatically sent to your workforce and Oplift will automatically pull all important communications into one easy to read page with a push notification sent out letting everyone know!

How can I create a news summary?

  1. Click ‘News’ in the left side bar
  2. In the sub-category click ‘News Summaries’
  3. Click ‘Add New’ to create a new news summary
  4. Enter the title of your news summary
  5. Select which news posts you would like to show up in your news summary
  6. News Taxonomy - Select the drop down menu, this is the category which your news post will come under from the categories you created previously
  7. Click the publish button on the right side once you have completed 👍

How can I create an auto news summary?

If you would like an automatic roundup of your latest news to help your staff members recap, you can use the auto news summary. When publishing news posts you’ll have the option to mark it to be included in the next automated summary.

  1. Click ‘Options’ in the left side bar
  2. In the sub-category click ‘Auto News Summary’
  3. Enabled - toggle to ‘Yes’ to enable auto news summaries 
  4. Under the settings tab you can choose how often you would like the news summary to be sent out. Click the relevant box for users to receive weekly or monthly roundups
  5. Which day - choose the day you would like the summary to be sent. If you choose multiple days the summary will include any new featured news published since the last summary
  6. Time of day - select time from drop down menu 
  7. Auto news summary title - this will show in the news on the dash and at the top of the article 
  8. Notification - this is the title that will show up when a user receives a notification so make it short and attention grabbing
  9. Category - choose which categories you would like your news summaries to include this can be one or multiple selections
  10. Author - you can select who should be the author of these posts
  11. When you are ready just select 'Update' and your auto news summary will be set up 👍
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