How do I submit a report?

  1. When you are happy that your report is complete you can press the 'Submit' button in the top right nav bar

  2. You will be presented with three options, 'Submit', 'Submit and Share' or 'Cancel'  

  3. If you choose just to submit the report then it will become available to view in the list of completed reports by those who have the permission to view it

  4. If you choose to submit and share then you will be directed to your email client, where an overview of the report will have been copied into an email. What is included in this email is set in the Admin, such as overall score, find out more in this article. Only users who have permission will be able to link to the report in Review from the email. 

  5. Enter your recipients and send the email overview. You'll then be taken back to the Review home screen where you can find your report in the 'Completed' reports screen. 

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