What are Tasks?

When completing insights, you will see there is an option to assign it to a user. In the admin you can specify if actions have to be assigned to an employee with an Oplift account or if the reviewer can enter a name that is not on the system.

How do I set a task?

  1. Tap on an insight tile

  2. if you are on a mobile device select 'Assign to' at the bottom of the screen. On iPad you can assign a task on the right hand side of the screen.

  3. Enter an employee name if the free text option has been set or select an employee from the dropdown list

  4. Enter an optional note

  5. Select a due date if required

  6. When you are ready tap the 'tick' icon

  7. You can create further tasks for other users but selecting 'Add Another'

  8. You can see the task that have been assigned for any insights for a report by selecting 'Actions' in the bottom navigation bar, as well as if they have been completed or not ✅❌

  9. If you use Engage, the user will see the tasks assigned to them there!

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