What are Rounds?

Each question has to to be assigned to a round. There are 3 Albert questions each day, so each round represents one day.

How do I create a Round?

  1. Go to 'Quiz' in the left side bar

  2. Select 'Rounds' from the subcategory options

  3. Tap 'Add New'

  4. Title - enter the title of your round. This will not be displayed in the app and is for admin purposes only. A useful thing to do is to name the round the date of the day for which it is intended

  5. Description - in the 'Text' tab you can add a description. This is not displayed in the app but is useful for admin purposes if the round has a particular theme

  6. Go to the 'Questions' tab. This is where you add questions to your round. You need to add 3 for each round. You can add new questions or search for existing questions you have previously created. You may also want to reuse a question you have used before but have not asked in a while.

  7. See this article for more detailed instructions about how to add questions

How do I schedule when a Round should be published?

You can save the round as draft if you still want to make edits or you can schedule a round to be published and select the date. 

  1. You'll see a 'Publish' section on the right hand side. 

  2. Go to where it says 'publish immediately' and tap 'Edit' this will reveal a date picker

  3. Select the date you would like your questions to be published 

  4. Select the time you would like the questions to become available on that day 

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